Kuvings Receives Rave Reviews at ‘2017 Seoul Cafe Show’

A global electronics brand, Kuvings, displayed its Commercial Whole Slow juicer (CS600) at the ‘2017 Seoul Cafe Show’ in Korea for four days from November 9, earning a huge response from the audience.

The Korean electronics manufacturer revealed its main item, a Commercial Whole Slow juicer (CS600) that can run for a long time at cafes, at the show. With a high-speed power blender (KPB-351) boasting a strength of 32,000 RPM, it also presented quick and easy juice and smoothie recipes for cafes.

Various home appliances for juices and smoothies have been recently released, but there are very few products customized for cafes.

The commercial juicer was developed for café owners to use for a long time without motors overheating. In particular, it was designed with Kuvings’ own strength of ‘juicing as a whole.’ The wide mouth of the juicer helps shorten time for preparing ingredients and makes juice quickly and easily.

On October 18, Kuvings had its Korea Launching Show for Commercial Juicers at the ‘2017 Seoul Cafe & Bakery Fair’ held in Kintex Ilsan, Korea, and attracted attention from customers and buyers. It also provided 70-80 people planning to open a cafe with a One-day Juice Class using commercial juicers.

“We focused on strengthening our position in the commercial juicer market at the biggest cafe exhibition in Korea, the Seoul Cafe Show, following the Cafe & Bakery Fair,” said an official from Kuvings, adding, “We made our commercial juicer suited for cafes or juice bars by improving problems of existing home juicers. It is gaining popularity among cafe owners.”

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