Kuvings Participates at the 2019 International CES in the US, Getting Recognized for the Innovation and Originality of its IoT Smart Juicers

The health electronics brand, Kuvings, was recognized for its innovation and originality at the world’s largest IT show “2019 CES,” which was held in Las Vegas, the United States, from January 8 to 11, gaining massive attention from visitors and buyers.

Exhibited by Kuvings, the “HealthFriend IoT Smart Juicer” is a juicer that measures the users’ body composition with a body composition measuring device equipped inside the product. Literally, the juicer has evolved “smartly.”

Measurement of body composition is not the only feature of the IoT Smart Juicer. Users also can get recommended juice and cooking recipes based on seven measurement items (fat mass, percent body fat​, muscle mass, minerals, body water, body mass index, and basal metabolism) to supplement insufficient nutrients.

Recommended recipes are provided through the mobile app “Smart Juicer” synced with the device, and measured body composition is recorded on the app automatically so that body changes can be easily checked regardless of time and place.

An official from Kuvings said, “The show was an opportunity for Kuvings to show the world its innovative technology,” adding, “the IoT Smart Juicer is gaining a great deal of attention from buyers at this show, following the last IFA in Germany. Going forward, Kuvings will do its best to become a leading global electronics brand based on creative ideas.”

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