The Curtains Have Closed on CE China 2019, while Kuvings Continues its Expansion into the Chinese Market

Kuvings  targets the Chinese market with HealthFriend Smart Juicer Motiv1 and Vacuum Blender

Adopting a differentiation strategy with innovative products

Health appliance manufacturer Kuvings is accelerating its expansion into the Chinese market by attending ‘CE China’, held at the PWTC Expo in Guangzhou, China, from the 19th to the 21st.

“In China, Kuvings has secured its position as a global brand. We expect to improve our brand awareness more than last year in order to make it lead to sales,” an official from Kuvings who participated in ‘IFA 2019’ in Germany last month stated, expressing their ambition to aim for the Chinese market, going beyond Europe.

The key products of Kuvings are its HealthFriend Smart Juicer equipped with IoT, Vacuum Blender, and EVO820 Premium Juicer. Kuvings set out a differentiation strategy by using new innovative technologies for each product.

At this show, the most popular product is the Smart Juicer. Equipped with a body composition meter, the product enables users to measure seven different body compositions. Not only can they get recommendations of ‘1:1 customized juice’ based on the data, but they can also use contents for efficient health care such as recipes, a health coach, and calorie balance.

Additionally, it has a wide mouth to minimize the inconvenience of preparing fruit before using the juicer. The 82 mm-wide chute accommodates an entire apple without cutting. Without having to cut ingredients, users can extract them easily.

Its juicer for business use such as cafes and restaurants also gained a lot of attention. Equipped with an 88 mm-wide mouth and a commercial motor that can be used 24/7, the product is optimized for restaurants.

Kuvings plans to increase its export volume to China as well as Europe and the US according to each market’s circumstances. The Korean juicer maker aims to become a general home appliance company by releasing over 100 kinds of small appliances, household appliances and health appliances for the next five years.

“This year’s CE China was an opportunity for the Kuvings brand to strengthen its position in the Chinese market,” said an official of Kuvings, adding, “we will continue our effort to grow into a global general home appliance manufacturer based on our localization strategy in the Chinese market.”

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