Health Trends 2021:

  1. Immunity
  2. Mental Health
  3. Plant Proteins
  4. Gut Health
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Less Alcohol Consumption

These are the health trends that are due for exploration by many people as the sun rises on another year. Some are turning to focus on their health to prepare their bodies to withstand the corona virus while others plan to reverse the damage done to them by the 2020 lockdown. We watched our minds and bodies deteriorate before us as gyms closed down and social interaction was limited. Many of us lost our jobs. We worried and panicked, watching the horrors told to us about our world on the news frantically while snacking on junk foods to calm our anxiety. 2020 was a tough year. Mainly because we had no idea how to prepare ourselves for the unprecedented times we had to endure. 

They say you are what you eat for a reason. 80% of our overall health depends on the foods we allow in our systems. That means we need to do research about the foods we eat and get creative with adding new ingredients to our diets to undo the damage we did to ourselves in 2020. At Kuvings we sincerely care about your wellbeing. In this article we are going to guide you through some exotic superfoods that you can put in your Kuvings juicer or blender to help you get ahead in your health and wellness goals.  

1. Immunity Superfoods

After a year that made us all question how strong our immunity truly is, it is time we start building immune systems up so that our body is strong enough to take on illnesses and infections. Here are some immunity boosting ingredients you should consider tossing into your Kuvings to keep yourself safe during flu season. 

  • Asain Ginseng 
    • For centuries, Asain ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicines. It has anti inflammatory properties and boosts immunity, fighting disease. It is important to take ginseng in moderation to avoid side effects. 1–2 grams of raw ginseng root or 200–400 mg of extract are suggested. 
  • Mango
    • Not only are they deliciously sweet and flavorful, mangos are a great source of immune boosting nutrients. High in vitamin C and vitamin A, this powerful fruit has what you need to knockout infections and diseases. 
  • Pineapple
    • Due to their immune boosting and inflammation suppressing properties, Pineapples have been utilized in traditional medicines for centuries. Pineapple juice can help suppress your cough while keeping your body disease free. 

2. Mood Boosting Foods 

2020 was mentally draining. Due to being kept in isolation and the constant worry it left us with feelings of anxiety and depression. During the lockdown mental illness statistics had shown that feelings of helplessness rose from 12.5% to 14% in adults who struggled with routine and may have lost their jobs. Many even turned to alcohol and substance abuse to cope with the situation. What many individuals suffering from mental health disorders may not know is that there are natural mood boosting super foods out there that can improve your mental clarity and help you recover from anxiety and depression. Here are some important ingredients you will want to add to your mental health first aid kit!

  • Rosemary
    • With a lengthy history of culinary and aromatherapy uses, rosemary was a herbal ingredient to many ayurvedic medicines. Like lavender and chamomile, rosemary possesses the ability to boost one’s mood and calm the mind. Rosemary also helps improve concentration, focus, and memory.
  • Berries 
    • Instead of snacking on cookies and sweets while anxious and depressed, try a bowl of berries instead! Berries, especially those that have a more purple-blue hue are packed with anthocyanins which helps alleviate depression. 
  • Bananas
    • Studies show that people felt less depressed after having a banana. Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein that converts to serotonin which lifts mood. Bananas also have vitamin B6 which helps to balance one’s mood. 
  • Nuts
    •  Almonds, cashews, peanuts, and walnuts are wonderful ingredients to add to your smoothie. High in tryptophan, they produce mood boosting serotonin essential to get you to snap out of your quarantine blues. 

3. Plant Based Proteins

As the world is turning towards cruelty-free methods to get their protein intake, the search for plant proteins has never been higher. People who may have once shut their minds to the idea that there are plants out there that contain just as much protein as meat are turning to these sources due to the fact that they are lower in cholesterol, fat, calories, and are easier on the digestive system than dairy and meat. Here is a small list of plant based proteins in the forms of beans, nuts, and microgreens for you to juice and blend.

  • Chickpeas
    • Chickpeas, otherwise known as garbanzo beans, are trending in 2021 for their high protein content and their versatility. You can season them and roast them in the oven for a crunchy snack, add them to any of your savory dishes, or blend them in your favorite smoothies for a protein boost.  
  • Spinach 
    • There is a reason why spinach was regarded in cartoon history as Popeye the Sailor Man’s main protein source. Spinach is a leafy microgreen packed with protein to help you build a stronger body. 
  • Almonds
    • Almonds aren't just great for snacking. These small yet tasty nuts are loaded with protein. Toss them into your smoothies or make delicious almond milk with your kuvings. 

4. Gut Health

It’s a fact, by taming your gut with the foods you eat, you can improve your overall health! Gut health is a huge point of focus in 2021 as people realize that having a problematic gut can make them more prone to disease. By consuming more probiotics and foods that help regulate a healthy digestive system, our bodies can be easily set back to the right direction and function as they should. You will begin to feel more energetic and happy once you are able to get the toxins to flush out of your system. Here are some trending ingredients for gut health.

  • Chicory Root
    • It has become a common trend to mix in chicory powder to coffee to alleviate constipation, maintain good gut health, and control blood sugar. Chicory is hard to find sold fresh in grocery stores. However, you can find it mixed in with certain brands of ground coffee.
  • Peppermint 
    • This cooling antimicrobial herb also brings soothing comfort to the digestive tract helping to soften stool and relieve cramps.   
  • Fennel
    • Fennel, commonly used in ayurvedic medicine is used to stop bloating and stimulate the liver. 

5. Weight Loss

Stress and anxiety bring out the worst in our health and wellness, tempting us to indulge ourselves in junky snacks whenever we feel overwhelmed. Enough with the binge eating! It’s 2021, it's time to stop crying and start getting back to a healthy weight. Shed off your quarantine weight and with metabolism boosting foods to go along with your weight loss program. 

  • Chilly Peppers 
    • Chilly peppers and other spicy peppers like jalapenos and habanero increase metabolism and add an interesting kick to your juice recipes. Combine them with fresh mango juice from your Kuvings for a sweet and spicy uproar.
  • Ginger
    • Not only is ginger delicious in teas. You can also make ginger an addition to your juice recipes to help your body burn fat. It tastes great with carrot and beet juice.
  • Kale
    • Kale and other dark leafy greens like spinach also have metabolism boosting superpowers. They are also really filling and nutrient rich. Kale isn’t only for salads and sandwiches. Cold press them in your Kuvings for a nutrient rich punch. 

6. Less Alcohol Consumption

After the great mental toll the lockdown played out on us, many turned to alcohol for comfort. Many of us drank more than usual creating huge sales for the liquor industry. Alcohol is great in moderation but binge drinking often creates more problems than solutions. That’s why this year, many people are swapping out alcohol for healthy and delicious substitutes like seltzer and fresh juices. Add some of your favorite juices to seltzer to add some flavor to your drink. Whenever you swap out an alcoholic beverage for a vitamin packed and nutrient rich superfood infused seltzer or fresh cold pressed juice from your Kuvings, you are getting closer to putting your binge drinking days in the past.

We hope that you can use this guide to let go of old bad habits and adopt new healthy ones during this new year. Exploring new flavors and benefits through amazing superfoods will help you turn around your health so that you feel more incontrol of your body and your life! When you purchase a Kuvings, you become part of our community. We want to see you healthy and happy and will do our best to guide you through our content. Start the new year with Kuvings and become a better version of yourself! Happy New Year!

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