Kuvings executes AI content marketing using an AI platform

Kuvings announced that it will actively utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its marketing operations.

With the explosive popularity of AI technology, such as the conversational AI “Chat GPT” developed by OpenAI, which has exceeded 100 million users, AI technology is attracting attention worldwide.

Kuvings is focusing on tasks where AI technology can be introduced to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees, as well as provide differentiated customer experience and innovation, in line with this trend. In particular, they plan to introduce AI systems at a stage that is easily accessible in the marketing field.

Using an AI platform optimized for generating marketing copy, such as web pages, banner ads, social media channels, and email, Kuvings will create the ad copy it pursues. Additionally, they plan to actively utilize generative AI that converts text into images, such as Dall-E and Midjourney, to allow employees to focus on creative work.

A Kuvings official stated, “With the recent AI chatbot craze, interest in artificial intelligence has increased, and we plan to actively utilize AI platforms in the marketing area to increase work efficiency.”

They also said, “It will provide new and differentiated experiences for consumers and become a core element of the company’s future growth.”

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