Kuvings Recommends Recipes for Immunity-boosting Juice

The number of COVID-19 cases is still on the rise. Low immunity makes one an easier target for viruses, increasing their risk of contracting COVID-19. Avoiding situations of infection is important, but it is more critical to improve personal hygiene and immunity.

With the summer approaching, more people are taking an interest in healthy juice that helps beat the heat and boost immunity.

It is essential to get enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables, as they protect the body from disease and infection and help maintain a healthy balance of white blood cells. In this regard, Kuvings introduce healthy juice recipes you can make with its “Whole Juicer.”

#Green Lemonade rich in organic acids, vitamins and folic acid

Juice kale, which is normally used only for cooking, with sweet apples and sour lemons to make sweet and sour green lemonade. Kale is loaded with organic acids, which gives vitality to the body and improves immunity. Vitamins B and C and folic acid not only enhance immunity but also help prevent various types of cancer and have the effect of removing toxins such as nicotine.

Prepare kale, celery, and lemon 50 g each, apple 350 g, and ginger 3 g. Wash the kale, celery, and ginger and peel the lemon; the apple will be used without cutting. Put the hard ingredients first and then the soft ones into the juicer.

#Red Grape Watermelon Juice to beat the midsummer heat

Anthocyanin in red grapes and lycopene in watermelons help maintain homeostasis in the body and provide energy in scorching weather. Red cabbage contains vitamins A and C, minerals such as calcium and iron, and essential amino acids. Also rich in vitamins K and U, it is effective for stomach or duodenal ulcers.

Prepare red grapes 250 g, watermelon 200 g, red cabbage 50 g, and lemon 20 g. Wash red grapes thoroughly as they are consumed unpeeled. Cut into small bunches and rinse thoroughly using baking soda and running water. Cut the watermelon and red cabbage moderately, and peel the lemon. Put the hard ingredients first and then the soft ones into the juicer.

#Green Vegetable Juice for home-made juice beginners

If it is your first time making juice, it is a good idea to try with ingredients you can easily find at home. Beta-carotene in spinach and carrots provides immunity and antioxidant support, and vitamin C in melons and lemons also helps strengthen immunity.

Prepare spinach and carrots 70 g each, kale and celery 50 g each, melon 280 g, and lemon 20 g. Wash the spinach, kale, and celery and cut into appropriate sizes. Trim the stems of carrots, peel the lemon, and peel the melon and cut into appropriate sizes. Put the hard ingredients first, and then the soft ones into the juicer slowly.

Kuvings’ “EVO820 Whole Juicer” has an 82 mm-wide chute that can fit a whole apple. Helping reduce the prep time, it is gaining attention from busy modern people for health and wellbeing. 

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