Kuvings Wins Kitchen Innovation Awards in Germany

Kuvings won the world-class Kitchen Innovation Awards in Germany for all three entries in which it was submitted. The ceremony was held online at 12:00 local time on the 11th.

Kuvings submitted its premium juicer REVO 830, its commercial blender CB1000, and its premium juicer INNO 300 as entries, with all of them winning awards.

Its new premium juicer REVO 830 is equipped with a smart cutting technique that does not require preparing ingredients to offer convenience and quality performance. The juicer was recognized for its excellent functionality, design, various features, and ergonomic design.

In particular, the commercial blender CB1000 was recognized as the most popular product in the catering equipment sector and was selected as the Best of the Best, winning the Golden Award.

Kitchen Innovation involves experts and consumers evaluating entries for various criteria such as functionality, innovation, design, and ergonomic design.

“Winning all three products at the global awards, Kuvings has been recognized as a world-class kitchen appliance brand,” said a Kuvings official. “We will continue to make efforts to further strengthen our position in the global market with quality products.”

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