Kuvings to Participate in Canton Fair in China, Showing HealthFriend Smart Juicer and Premium Juicer

Kitchen appliance company Kuvings will showcase its HealthFriend Smart Juicer and Premium Juicer EVO820 at the Canton Fair, which will be held from the 15th to 19th in Guangzhou, China. The Fair is the largest trade show in China, in which over 25,000 companies participate.

Last month, Kuvings revealed its HealthFriend Smart Juicer at ‘CE China’ and ‘2019 IFA’, the largest home appliance exhibition in Europe, receiving rave reviews from buyers. Published during IFA, the ‘Special Report’ introduces Kuvings as an outstanding company that has a significant effect on the global premium juice market.

The HealthFriend Smart Juicer enables users to measure seven types of body composition, including body fat mass, muscle mass, body water, and minerals. Moreover, a mobile application synced with the machine provides recommendations of juices and recipes according to the user’s body type. The HealthFriend Smart Juicer also offers suggestions of proper exercises and diet programs for users who need to exercise.

In addition, Kuvings plans to showcase a premium product line and push its marketing activity customized for the China market. Participating in international exhibitions every year, it has shown differentiated products such as the IoT Smart Juicer, which accommodates an entire fruit, as well as the Premium Juicer and Vacuum Blender.

“We have built our brand awareness around the world by continuously participating in global exhibitions,” said an official from Kuvings. “We are going to strengthen our relationship with existing buyers and attract new buyers to reinforce our brand position in the Chinese home appliance market,” he added.

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