Kuvings Introduced on Reshet 13, an Israeli TV Channel

The health appliance brand Kuvings is gaining attention after its new product in 2019, the “Smart Juicer Motiv1,” was introduced on a special show on the Israeli TV channel Reshet 13.

Reshet 13 mentioned that Kuvings is a global leader, introducing the Smart Juicer Motiv1 as an innovative product that recommends a variety of juice recipes according to the user’s health.

The Smart Juicer provides customized juice by measuring and analyzing the user’s body composition. A mobile app synced with the device offers a variety of health content including exercise video clips, diet programs and cooking recipes.

Providing recommendations on user-oriented juice recipes rather than those for everyone, the product has gained attention from overseas buyers as well as an audience of international exhibitions such as Ambiente in Germany and IDEA in the United States.

Winning at one of the top 3 design awards, the Red Dot Design Award in Germany this year, the design of the juicer has also been recognized.

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