Health Home Appliance Brand Kuvings Receives Presidential Commendation in Corporate Category on ‘2019 Product Safety Day’

Health home appliance brand Kuvings (Mr. Kim Jong Boo, Chairman) was recognized for its efforts to prevent consumer’s safety and accident by receiving the Presidential Commendation, the best grand prize in the group enterprise category at the ‘2019 Product Safety Day’, held at COEX, Seoul, South Korea.

Kuvings has been recognized for its contribution to strengthening product stability by developing the world’s first juice extractor safety technology with the safety device.

The whole fruit juice extractor developed by Kuvings is a product with the flap gate based technology, which reestablished the IEC international technical standard based on the new technology of Kuvings.

The flap gate, a safety input device for the user’s safety, has a safety design structure technology that prevents a part of the body, entering into the product inlet side, and it is easy to use and convenient. This structure completes the technical implementation using the conch’s fallopian tubes, so the material becomes smaller and juiceable.

In addition, the “safety fastening operation system” was applied to ensure that the main body, drum container, and drum cover were properly tightened to operate the product. Since it is a kitchen appliance directly connected to food, the eco-friendly material is used so the consumers can use it with confidence.

Mr. Kim Jong Boo, Chairman of Kuvings said on the day, “We have been researched and developed products with the highest priority on consumer safety for 41 years, and strengthened product safety by applying a safety fastening system to most products. We will grow into a health home appliance company that brings customer satisfaction with excellent performance and quality. ”

Founded in 1978, Kuvings celebrated its 41st anniversary this year and has developed a wide range of innovative products including the world’s first whole fruit juice extractor, vacuum blender, green juice extractor and fermenter.

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