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Project Description

Tomato Kiwi Smoothie

Tomato Kiwi Smoothie

It is Tomato Kiwi Smoothie, must serve it.

  • Frozen Tomato (90g), Frozen Kiwi (50g),
    Frozen Pineapple (60g), Frozen Banana (50g),
    Milk (200g)

1. Defrost the frozen tomato for 5 minutes. (stems removed)
2. Defrost the frozen kiwi for 5 minutes. (skin removed)
3. Defrost the frozen pineapple for 5 minutes. (core and skin removed)
4. Defrost the frozen banana for 5 minutes.
5. Add each ingredient with milk.
(Pour the milk prior to other ingredients and let the juicer run for 2 minutes to mix.)