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Project Description

Green Flu-Fighter Juice

Juice all ingredients through Kuvings cold press juicer. Stir well and serve right away.

  • 2 hadful spinach

  • 1 medium apple

  • 1 mediumcucumber

  • 1 piece fresh ginger root

Cucumber has anti-fever compounds and agents that help calm a fever like water on a fire. It’s also deeply rejuvenating and hydrating. Drink 16 ounces or more of plain cucumber juice on an empty stomach. Or drink it anytime you have a fever.
Fresh Fruit, Leafy Greens & Vegetable Juices offer a plethora of different nutrients and antioxidants your body needs to heal. In juiced form, they allow the body to heal as easily as possible. Try juicing by Kuvings.