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Household Use

Ultra-compact digital health care product

It is a portable body composition measuring device that is linked to a smartphone
and measures the state of body composition anytime, anywhere.

Convenient to carry with compact size and light weight Easy and
systematic management that can be done alone

Smart healthcare

Check 7 body composition including body water content, minerals, body fat mass,
muscle mass, body mass index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate

Check 7 body composition including body water content, minerals, body fat mass, muscle mass,
body mass index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate

Customized juice recommendation
according to body shape result

Providing reliable customized recipes through expert’s verification

Master’s and doctoral researcher at Kuvings Bio Research Institute judges obesity based on the body
composition content analyzed according to the body shapeanalysis result Recommendation of customized juices
for each body type by analyzing calories, metabolism promotion, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients with over 400 recipes

Easy operation/Stylish Design

Easy to operate and stylish design

Before connecting via Bluetooth on the smartphone, press the button on the upper part of
the analyzer to confirm that the blue LED is on A modern color that completes the stylish design, slim appearance and style

Provides various types of exercise, exercise methods and videos suitable for my body type

Provides various exercise videos and
customized exercises

Provides videos related over 50 exercise methods such as upper body exercise, lower body exercise, core exercise, and body balance

Provide Various Customized
Exercises and Videos

We provide a variety of exercise types and even exercise methods and videos that fit your body type.

Easy Operation

Before connecting via Bluetooth on your smartphone, press the button at the top of the meter and check that the blue LED lights up.

Stylish Design

It is a modern color that completes the slim appearance and style of a refined design.

Mobile APP linkage

We provide body composition measurement results and additional services by linking with mobile applications.

Compact Size

t is convenient to carry with its compact size and light weight.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

Try it lightly at the gym or when you go out

Body Fat Analyzer


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Body Fat Analyzer

 Model Body Fat Analyzer (KBA-200)
 Operating Voltage CR1620 Coin cell battery (DC + 3.0V)
 Operating Frequency 2,420MHz ~ 2,480MHz
 Transmission device Bluetooth 4.0
 Measurement item Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, BMI, Basal metabolic rate, Body Water, Inorganic mass
 Dimensions 126 x 47 x 39 mm
 Weight 21g (Main body)

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