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Household Use

Kuvings cares about the environment

Kuvings cares about the environment
When a bottle purchased to protect the environment is left unused or discarded, they cause the destruction of the environment.

The Kuvings Bottle is durable and can be used for a long time, and it is an eco-friendly bottle made of recyclable materials after use.
Using the Kuvings Eco Bottle, it means to be a good consumer who protects nature in everyday life.

Beyond Best

Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand loved by health conscious people throughout over 80 countries. We strive to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.

Kuvings cares about the environment

Kuvings Premium Bottle

Premium Bottle

 Model Premium Bottle (KSB-350W / KSB-500W)
 Material Stainless (STS304 18-8)
 Capacity 350ml, 500ml
 Dimensions 75 x 180mm, 75 x 240mm
 Weight 270g, 318g