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Protect yourself by purchasing only from an Authorized Kuvings Dealer.
Purchases of Kuvings products from an unauthorized reseller may exclude you from Kuvings warranty coverage and service or support.

Please contact us for more information at help@kuvings.com and we will direct you to the nearest retailer.

Captivating America, the center of global economic flow – USA Branch

America, the top GDP and the biggest consuming country in the world! With a wide range of products from all over the world, KUVINGS is captivating the practical American consumers with differentiated competitiveness. KUVINGS has expanded the sales network throughout the USA, and the customers of America, a microcosm of the world, love the KUVINGS products.

Europe, a dominant kitchen appliance market, charmed by KUVINGS – Branch in Europe

KUVINGS is gaining trust of the European market based on its new innovation and technologies. We are receiving love calls from European consumers as we form strong brand partnerships within numerous countries.

Schwalbacher Straße 74, 65760 Eschborn
Tel +49(0)6196 950 2397, E-mail info@kuvings.de

Top-Quality Products, Approved by the Chinese Market of 13 Hundred Million People– Branch in China

China is the largest trading country, transforming from the ‘Factory of the World’ to the ‘Market of the World’ with 13 hundred million people! The premium appliances of KUVINGS are recognized for their world-class quality in China.

上海市闵行区园文路 28号 世宏金源中心 1709-1710室
Tel 400-000-7991 E-Mail china@nuc.co.kr

Particular, Delicate Japan Amazed by the Elaborate Technologies – Branch in Japan

With a focus on precision and delicacy, Japan is embracing the elaborate technologies of KUVINGS. KUVINGS is recognized by the particular Japanese consumers as a premium kitchenware brand.

東京都中央区湊1-6-2 JKHDビル3F
Tel 0120-816-861, E-mail nucjapan@nuc.co.kr