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The First Quiet High Power VACUUM BLENDER

Is the ultra-high speed blender noisy?

Vacuum soundproof cover applied

Create a quiet kitchen with Kuvings vacuum soundproof blender

Fresher and healthier as the air goes out

Specialized vacuum module

The freshness of the juice is alive by removing air
from The container is presented

Keep freshness

Juice should be kept in a vacuum to keep it fresh

It keeps the flavor deep, the color dark, and the juice fresh

Equipped with a super powerful power motor of up to 32,000RPM, 1,500W

Three-dimensional moving blade

Blending with six blades rotating in three dimensions,
The texture of the juice is excellent by grinding the ingredients into finer particles

It cooks warm dishes quickly and easily

Various soup functions

Easily make complicated dishes like soup, baby food, porridge and more!
The heat generated by high-speed rotation, cooks the ingredients warm

BPA-FREE Tritan container used as a baby bottle material

BPA-FREE eco-friendly material

The eco-friendly material, BPA-FREE Tritan container can be used with confidence

Juice made with a vacuum blender, keep it fresh!

Vacuum tumbler

If you store juices or ingredients in a vacuum tumbler, air inflow is blocked and you can keep them fresher

Automatic blending function

Upgraded Drum lid is improved by adding assembling point from ‘3’ to ‘4’, letting Drum set to be assembled stronger & more stabled.

Manual speed regulation

Anyone can easily set the blending speed with the jog wheel, so you can implement your own recipe

Automatic washing

If you use the automatic cleaning function, you can clean the container neatly with rhythmic rotation through the three-dimensional moving blade

Safety fastening structure

The container can be safely used as the product operates only when the container is properly fastened to the body

Air cooling system

Air cooling system is applied to prevent overheating of the motor

Mounted with the motor protection sensor mounted

In case of excessive amount of material, a motor protection sensor is installed to protect the motor safely

Kuvings Premium Vacuum Blender



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 Model  SV-400
 Color  Matt Gunmetal, Matt Dark Red, Matt White Perl, Phantom Black
 Speed  32,000 RPM
 Wattage  1,500W
 Voltage  AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
 Dimensions  194 x 196 x 434 (mm)
 Weight  5.5kg
 Container capacity  Maximum capacity of blend: 1,000ml / maximum capacity of grinding: 700g
 Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC