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Household Use

Yogurt, Dried-Fruit, Oven &Air Fryer, All for One!

Kuvings Multi Air Oven has the original oven functions as well as yogurt, drying fruits and veggies, grill, rotisserie, toaster, air fryer functions so can make various dishes. With harmony with Luxury design and intuitive display, create a more stylish kitchen! All the dishes in the world, experience and enjoy with Kuvings multi air oven. Fill up your table with the joy of tasty.

Beyond Best

Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand loved by health conscious people throughout over 80 countries.
We strive to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.

Yogurt, Dried-Fruit, Oven & Air Fryer, All for One!

Multi Air Oven

Multi Air Oven

 Model Multi Air Oven 
 Color Pure Metal, Cream White, Phantom Gray
 Power Consumption 1,700W
 Voltage AC 220V, 50-60Hz
 Dimensions outside 330 x 370 x 380 mm
inside 270 x 260 x 203 mm
Capacity 14.5 L
 Weight 10kg