Kuvings Korea ‘Consumer Centered Management (CCM)’ Hall of Fame induction

In South Korea, where Kuvings is headquartered, the company obtained the “Consumer Centered Management (CCM)” certification from the government for 14 years in a row, starting in 2010. With 14 consecutive certifications, Kuvings was entered into the Hall of Fame in 2024.

Based on the Framework Act on Consumers, the Korean CCM system assesses whether a company’s management activities are consumer-centered and continuously improving. The CCM puts significance on understanding and meeting the needs and preferences of consumers while improving products and services.

Kuvings collaborates with international brand ambassadors, constantly seeking feedback on product performance and listening to consumer voices.

Kuvings is constantly researching and investing in consumer satisfaction and is putting its vision into practice to become a brand that adds health to people’s homes around the world.

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