Kuvings showcased its new product CB1000 at SIGEP 2023, Italy

Kuvings participated in SIGEP 2023 held in Rimini, Italy from 21 to 25 January to display its new Whole Slow juicer (REVO830) and new Kuvings Commercial Auto & Vacuum Blender(CB1000).

Kuvings’ Chef CB100, the commercial auto & vacuum blender, is a top-notch blender equipped with a variety of features that allow users to easily make premium juices and smoothies at cafés. Its various functions such as ultra-high-speed blending, sound enclosure, and vacuum let you quickly make premium drinks.

The blender creates a vacuum inside the container before blending to keep juice and smoothies fresh and smooth for a longer time. Beverages made by vacuum blending prevent oxidation, browning, separation, and offers premium juice and smoothies by minimizing nutrition loss.

REVO 830 has stepped up its game compared to the existing Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Two types of feed chutes, a 3.5-inch flap gate and a 1.7-inch auto-cut chute, are included to accommodate different ingredient types.

The 1.7-inch auto-cut chute is a new feature from Kuvings that allows for the quick extraction of vegetables. Long ingredients such as celery, carrots, and cucumbers can be squeezed without being pre-cut. The ingredients are automatically cut when they get inserted. The best part of the REVO 830 is that it makes fresh juice within a short time by cutting down on prep and juice time.

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