Kuvings Wins Global Top 3 Design Awards Again

A specialized manufacturer of juicers, Kuvings, received the top three design awards in the world once again, winning the worldwide reputation as the #1 brand.

At the Red Dot Design Award 2017 held in Germany on the 7th, three commercial juicers from Kuvings, including the ‘Juice Chef’, earned the glory of ‘Winner’. The awards are more special, considering that they were selected among 54 entries from around the world.

Receiving attention along with the commercial juicer, ‘Juice Chef,’ the premium juicer Kuvings was evaluated to have exceeded the best products in the two categories of Good Design and Innovation. The premium juicers, which have been continuously loved by consumers as whole slow juicers that accommodate whole ingredients, proved their excellence again through this award.

Most of all, Kuvings gained attention by receiving the award of Winner at the ‘Red Dot Design Award 2017’, following the award of Winner from the ‘iF Design Award’ at the beginning of this year.

the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ in Germany, started in 1955, selects winners every year based on a comprehensive evaluation in a total of three sectors: ▲product design; ▲communication design; and ▲design concept. The ‘iF Design Award’ in Germany is one of the top three designs in the world along with the ‘IDEA Design Award’ in the United States; award-winning products are displayed in the biggest design museum in the world, the ‘Red Dot Design Museum’ in Essen, Germany.

“We are glad that we have been highly recognized for our product design, which prioritizes functions and users,” said an official from Kuvings, adding that, “we will further improve our global competitiveness and values with differentiated designs.”

Kuvings has been winning a worldwide reputation as the #1 global brand by receiving six world-class design awards since 2014 for three different kinds of juicers.

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