Health Appliance Provider Kuvings to Participate in “CES 2020,” Displaying HealthFriend Smart Juicer

Health home appliance manufacturer Kuvings will participate in CES 2020, which will kick off in Las Vegas on January 7. The world’s largest information technology exhibition, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is where international companies from around the world participate and showcase their new IT and home appliance technologies.

Participating in international exhibitions such as CES in the US, Ambiente in Germany, and IFA every year, Kuvings has showcased its new juicers and blenders. This year, the company plans to attract the attention of global buyers by exhibiting juicers built on IoT technology. Amidst the recent popularity of products customized for individual lifestyles, the HealthFriend Smart Juicer is regarded as a newconcept juicer, providing personalized recipes for individuals.

The body composition meter installed in the HealthFriend Smart Juicer helps measure users’ seven body components and provides customized recipes and exercise contents based on the results. Its mobile app enables you to control your daily calories consumed and burned and recommends exercise for efficient health care.

In addition, the company will introduce its Master Chef CS700, upgraded from an existing juicer for businesses, in order to offer buyers not only household products but also commercial products. With reinforced durability made of stainless steel and its mouth transformed into a “One Flap Gate structure, the juicer now makes it more convenient to insert and extract ingredients.

We are participating in international exhibitions every year to establish Kuvings’ brand position,” said an official from Kuvings, adding: “At this exhibition, in particular, we will showcase products made based on consumer feedback and tailored to an individual lifestyle, providing our audience with more convenient and smart juicers.”

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